3 Tips on How To Ensure you Capture Newborn Photos

This is it! You’re about to welcome a little baby in to the world in the coming months/weeks, or your little ball of joy has already arrived earth-side OR you know someone that’s expecting any day now, stop here for a moment because this article is for you.  

I’m sharing 3 tips on how to ensure new, or new again, parents don’t miss their opportunity to photograph those precious early days of their baby’s life.


The most important of the three points. Those first days after delivery, while absolutely beautiful, can also be filled with regimented schedules, adjusting to a new pattern/way of living and fluctuating HORMONES (speaking from experience).

Whether you’re a brand new mama/papa or you’re giving your eldest children a new sibling, there’s no doubt that things are going to feel a lot busier in the early days.

This is why it’s so important to lock down your favourite photographer in the month or weeks leading up to your birth as there may not be time to think about it after the fact.

Mother and newborn daughter taking a moment by the window in her nursery.

The great thing about the way I work is we lock in a general timeframe. We don’t have to set a date when booking, rather we work off your due date. I mark down your due date in my calendar and will earmark a zone of time for when you’re ready (generally any time within the first three weeks is perfect for newborn sessions).

Then when you feel ready, or even somewhat ready, all I have to do is show up. Your house doesn’t need to be perfect, tidy, or ‘ready’ for me whatsoever. Just make sure one section of your home is free from clutter (preferably by a window) and we’ll have an amazing time admiring those cute little toes and fingernails AND that new bond between everyone in your household.

A mother holds the little feet of her newborn daughter to show how tiny her toes are


Bringing in a new baby to the world is an exciting time for you, and for those around you! Your nearest and dearest community want to shower you with love, affection and a little something to welcome baby to the world. Many of us have baby showers with friends, family or sometimes at work gatherings. I can assure you you need less swaddles and more memories made and documented. Don’t be bashful. You can let someone organizing your shower(s) know that you are planning to do a family photoshoot once your baby arrives and contributing to the shoot is a way your network can offer support and love!

I have had many people book a newborn session with me from a gift given by colleges or close friends. Photos over more stuffed animals any day!

A new father takes a moment with his newborn daughter outside amongst the sunshine


No newborn session is alike. Seriously. Some session are long and some are short. I never schedule/block less than 2 hours to spend with my families who book newborn sessions. If you want me in and out in 30 minutes, I can make it happen – BUT – that is never my goal. I want you to feel at ease and relaxed. I want you to feel like there is time to feed your baby, attend to your emotional toddler, take that phone call that just can’t wait with the midwife. Whatever you need to feel 100% at ease, I am there for. Hopefully this gives you peace of mind that the goal here is not to rush through a session, but rather to document this beautiful transitionary time in your life. A time where things are new, beautiful, chaotic and magical all at the same time.

A young boy kisses his baby sister on her head and is so excited he giggles

I want to make sure you feel happy, your significant other feels happy and any siblings living in the house are also happy.  Be open to the changes upon you and make sure to document this fleeting time in your life. You will thank yourself immensely once you receive the gallery, but even more so in a year, 10 years and when you look back at the images and vivid memories come flooding back in 30 years from now.

Don’t wait. Schedule those sessions today and I’ll see you and your beautiful new family soon!

A mother and father take a moment for a sweet kiss in the sun on their patio while holding their newborn daughter

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May 10, 2023

Melina Dimitriadis

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