Let's go! This adventure is going to be epic!

I am thrilled you've made it to this page, which means
you believe we are a great fit and I agree!

Similarities between us:
≈ You love to have a great time and laugh.
≈ You live life to the fullest.
≈ You appreciate storytelling and want to share your intimate and meaningful moments.
≈ You create adventures that are unique and tailored to you and your life.
≈ You’re game to try something new, even if just once.
≈ You’re always down to have an amazing time and see the best out of life.

When we create together rest assured we will capture magical moments.

My style is raw and true to life. I observe your connection and carve space for intimate moments alone. That said, I also offer direction and suggestions to highlight your story in the best light. My photos are bright, colourful, and capture your feelings visually.

During my sessions, YOU are all that matters. This is about telling your story, and I can’t wait to guide you and become lifelong friends along the way.



For you and your boo
no matter what and where!

Starting Package Includes:



+ 1-2 Hours Coverage.

+ Video Call
to discuss vision/art direction...here is where I learn more about you.

+ Low Resolution Images
perfect for sharing on social media.


+ Location Scouting and Planning.

Additional Packages Include:

+ Online Slideshow & Gallery
for lifelong keepsake.

+ High Resolution Photos
perfect for print.

+ Fine Art Albums or Guest Books
for your wedding day (design and logistics incl).

+ Steamy sessions.

YOUR Package MAY Include:


your big day


+ 10 Hours Coverage.
(Inquire for different variations.)

+ High Resolution Photos
perfect for print.

+ Online Slideshow with Music.
Sit back with a glass of wine and relive the day.

+ Additional Hours & More!

+ Low Resolution Images
perfect for sharing on social media.

+ All Photos on a Wooden USB
for easy accessibility and sharing

+ Designed Fine Art Album.
we’ll work together to make it just right.

+ Social Media Sneak Peeks.

Additional Packages Include:

You've found 'the one' and we're going to capture the most important day of your relationship to date!

For the adventurous families who want to document a snapshot of time and cherish special moments for eternity. 

DAY IN THE LIFE Packages Include:


Family matters


+ 1-10 Hours Coverage.
(Inquire for different variations.)

+ High Resolution
photos perfect for print.

+ Low Resolution Images
perfect for sharing on social media.

Additional Packages Include:

+ Online Slideshow with Music.
Sit back with a glass of wine and relive the day.

+ Social media sneak peeks.

+ Fine Art Album.
A cherished hardcover keepsake so you can showcase your family in your home and how adventurous you are.


My passion for connection, along with my genuine and invested interest in your story, keeps me hungry to find moments you may not have thought to photograph! Let's turn even the tiniest moments on your day in to lifelong memories and have lots of FUN along the way. I'm here to help you through this journey from start to finish. 

I’ll arrive bright and early to settle in and say hi to everyone before I start taking photographs. I want to make sure that everyone (especially you) is 100% comfortable and pumped for the day ahead.

01 /

Throughout your day, I’ll be weaving in and out to make sure I catch every precious moment, including moments that went unseen. That quick kiss at the dinner table or tucking that loose strand of hair behind your ear. All the intricate moments that tell your love story.

I’ll be the photographer you want me to be – whether you want me to be the maestro conducting everyone for a shot, or to be the silent sniper in the background, capturing all the natural, candid moments. We’ll make sure to document your day exactly the way you want.

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03 /

04 /



Bringing Your Life to Life

A Piece of Your Legacy For Generations To Come

While my first love is spending time with you and creating beautiful art together, the second part of the masterpiece is created when I am all alone and engrossed in the editing process.

I love to take a photograph from its ‘straight out of camera’ state and make it rich, bold, and beautiful while staying true to how it really was behind the lens.

Typically a camera cannot pick up the vivid tones or lighting that our natural eyes can. I aspire to bring each image to life just the way it made you feel on the day. There is so much that is done in the post processing component of photography to transform a photograph from ‘wow’ to ‘OMG Wow!”

I pour my heart and soul in to every image, all with the intent to resurface that special raw memory for you time and time again!

It’s a cold, rainy, late October day. You’ve decided to stay home and curl up in your jammies by the fire. You glance over at your coffee table and right there in front of you is your wedding album. You decide to pick it up, java in hand, and glance through the pages. The feelings you have when you see your photos in print, far away from computer screens and other distractions, let’s you relive those moments like it were yesterday.

Fast forward 40 years.
It’s another cold, rainy, late October day. You hear your granddaughter call from the kitchen, “Grammy, what’s this?” You pull your wedding album out from the shelf in your dining room and sit together, by the fire once again, looking over all the amazing events that happened on your special day; the day that started it all, except this time, you get to share the stories with the future generation of your family – all right there, in a beautiful album.

"Mélina was wonderful. We were so impressed with all the photos and how they turned out, especially when the party was in full swing. You get to relive the day and all those amazing moments all over again. We cannot recommend this amazing down to earth woman enough."

lindsay AND tyler





Love Like You've Never Seen Yourself Before

An Intimate Celebration

Your heart oozes for that special someone in your life. They may make you mad, they may leave the espresso machine full after using it every… single… time. They may leave a wet towel on the floor in the bathroom. They may have different views, approaches to life and aspirations than you do, but one thing is for certain – they’re your boo.

They are the one you confide in and share the deepest thoughts inside your brain. They are the one you just can’t wait to undress, caress, and be intimate with when the rest of the world shuts outs.

Let’s document this love. Just like weddings, just like birth, just like maternity and newborn life, this part of your world is so important – yet have you ever stopped to appreciate it in its entirety or document it? Steamy sessions are a chance to photograph the raw love and passion you have for the one you love most in your life. Let’s tell your story – all of it.

You’re the kind of couple that wants to set sail in to marriage with either just yourselves or your nearest and dearest by your side. If the pandemic has taught us anything, it’s that there is a special inner circle we hold closest to our hearts and perhaps these past few years have encouraged you to elope and change the focus of the day.

No longer is the thought of a table chart important to you. Your eyes are set on finding the most romantic location with the most important guest list you could ever imagine.

If having a very small intimate ceremony is your jam – I just ask that you allow space for one more invite – me! I can’t wait to adventure this world with you as you exchange vows and start your life journey together, forever.

No story is one and the same. Yours will be finessed to share your unique journey.


Beautiful SOULS