5 Reasons Why Mom Needs a Mother’s Day Photo Session

Mother’s Day is just around the corner. Have you thought about how you’re going to honour a Mom you love dearly this year? Here are 5 reasons why Mom needs a Mother’s Day Photo Session, or one gifted to her for a later time, as her Mother’s Day gift.

1. Mom Does It All.

Whether a mom you admire is career driven or a full-time mom one thing rings true – she does it all. There is no denying that Mom is the Project Manager of the household. Yes of course it’s a team effort at home. Of course everyone plays their part, but 99.9999% of the time Mom is bringing her A game and showing up to deal with the hard tasks, endless requests and keeps things organized and on track. She deserves the world!

2. She Does It Out Of Love and Expects Very Little In Return.

There is no one with more pride, joy and patience in the world than Mom. She’s so thrilled to watch her family grow and become more and more independent. But that growth comes with a lot of patience and deep breathing (speaking from experience 😉 ). It’s not easy being a mom, but she knows that and is honoured to take on the daily challenge rarely seeking something in return other than respect and kindness. The last thing she would expect on Mother’s Day, other than a card and spending time together, would be a photo session! Surprise her with a gift that will blow her away when she least expects it.

3. She Wants To Freeze Time – This Is Your Opportunity.   

The one thing mom wants most in life is to freeze time.

Once you become a parent phases of life happen at rapid speed. As each year progresses time seems to run faster and faster.

Our children constantly remind us of this. One minute they are small, tiny, fragile. Barely cooing. Their skin smelling just like sweet summer. Then in a blink of an eye they are talking – asking you to draw a line on their bedroom door frame because they are proud of how tall they’ve become. Suddenly you’re invited to their graduation and as fast as they walk across the stage, they’re off to college. “The days are long but the years are short.” That’s why it’s so unbelievably important to document stages of life.

It will be an absolute pleasure for her to look back and see those photographs she loves most and the amount of growth year over year. She will have such vivid memories of this photo session and even though the kids may not remember, it will feel like yesterday to her and she will have nostalgic feelings when looking back at the images, just as if it were yesterday.

Let’s help her freeze time.

4. This Is Her Chance To Be IN The Photographs.

You know it and I know it. Mom rarely gets a shot of being in nice photographs with her family. She is always the one rallying the group to gather in a photo. She’s constantly snapping iPhone images of her kids, both big and small. Let’s face it, she’s the art director for your family! I bet you if you took hold of her phone, and scrolled back through the icloud or android storage gallery, you would see that she is probably photographed in 5% of the images, and half of those are probably selfies she’s taken with the family. Let mom have her moment. Let her be photographed with those that she loves. Let her love the photos she sees of herself and her family! She will be forever grateful.

5. You’re The Hero and Your Work Is Done!

When you make the decision to gift Mom a photography session – that’s the bulk of your work. Brush your hands together, you’re done! Seriously. This is one of the most meaningful gifts you can give her in life; yet, I do most of the heavy lifting for you. When you book a photo session with me you are guaranteeing to carve out that space and time for your family to connect and have fun, but all the little details I take care of. Once we have decided on a location together (and never fear I provide plenty of options for that), the rest is in my hands and you really just need to show up and spend time together. She will love that you set aside time and space in your calendar.  Set it and forget it. I take care of all the planning.

Vancouver family celebrates a west coast Mother's Day under a beautiful tree.

So what’s next? Reach me here on my contact page. Fill out the form and send me a message. Let me know if you have time before Mother’s Day to arrange a session or if you want me to draw up a gift certificate for you to present to her on Mother’s Day. She will be blown away – no question about that!

If you’re looking for more information about Mother Day Sessions or gift certificates click here.

April 19, 2023

Melina Dimitriadis

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